Sonic Smart Wheels Scooter – Version 2


Product description

The S-02BT features a completely new design with larger wheels and built-in bluetooth with speakers, so you can stream your music and ride to the beat. Think of the S-02BT as a Segway, but without the handles and bulk. Your experience riding on the S-02BT will be like none other you’ve experienced before. It features two seperate motors for each foot to guarantee a smooth, fun ride.



How Does it Work?

The S-02 features gyroscopic technology. Two sensors detect the movements in your feet and send that information to the motors. Point your toes down to go forward, and put your weight into your heels to go backwards. It’s almost like it reads your mind by basically going in the direction that you “think” about going in.


  • Net Weight : 10
  • Minimum Load : 20 Kg
  • Maximum Load: 100 Kg
  • Maximum Speed: 10Km/H
  • Range Per Charger: 15-20Km
  • Climbing Capacity 15
  • Charger Voltage: 100-240v 50-60hz
  • Dimension:  548*186*178mm
  • Chassis Height: 30mm
  • Pedal Height: 110mm
  • Tire Mode: Free inflatable Hollow Tire
  • Wheels: 8.5”
  • Motor Size: 350w*2
  • Low battery protection when battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stop working, Power switch LED works when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances.
  • Voice alert beeps when turned on and has a low battery capacity.

Package Includes

  • Sonic S-02BT
  • Charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Remote Control


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