SmartScouter – Wireless Black Ops Surveillance Camera


Product description

SmartScouter Black OPS Surveillance Camera + CF Card. Includes: SmartScouter VNET Camera, Special Exterior Powder Coating to absorb light, eliminate reflection for excellent concealment, Wide angle lens, Custom Optical Filter in the IR flash window to retain brightness while eliminating any potential of IR glow, 2 Gig CF card, Standard Antenna, One internal battery (lasts 4-6 weeks), Battery Charger,2 adjustable bungee cords,Requires Wireless Plan through SmartScouter website for wireless operation


Trail Camera Applications

• Wildlife Management
Collect real-time data, monitor age structure, herd ratios and movement while limiting human intrusions.

• Forestry/Fish and Wildlife
Protect restricted areas and wirelessly monitor public parks and forests, plus use it for numerous other conservation and wildlife applications.

• Animal Control
Monitor multiple locations and traps humanely in real time. Save time and money by not checking empty traps.

• Agriculture
Monitor herd locations, breeding stock, feed/water stations and crop development. Great for fence and gate security.

• Scientific Research
Capture data with real-time remote surveillance resulting in more cost-efficient research by saving time and resources.


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