SkyBell 2.0 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


Product description

SkyBell is the smart video doorbell that lets you answer the door from your smartphone. SkyBell features a video camera, exclusive motion sensor, microphone and a speaker that allows you to see, hear and speak to your visitor from an iOS or Android mobile device – anywhere in the world!

SkyBell is a Wi-Fi connected video integrated doorbell that enables you to see and talk to whoever is at your door more securely by using your smart phone, tablet, or computer.SkyBell may be mounted at your front door in place of the original doorbell and connects to your wired mechanical chime installed in your home. SkyBell is an ideal addition to your home security measures because it will alert you on your smart phone whenever someone rings the bell while you are not home, or if you happen to be busy and not able to answer the door. The integrated video camera provides you a clear view of who is at the door, and the microphone and speaker allow you to carry on a conversation without the visitor seeing you, or knowing if you are at home. The freeSkyBell mobile app is available for Android and Apple iOS devices and allows you to set-up and manages all the functions ofSkyBell from your smart phone or tablet.SkyBell is compatible with wireless network routers using Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with 2.4 GHz supporting 1.5 mbps network speed. SkyBell is designed for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions making it an ideal addition to any home.

  • Smart phone convenience – answer your door from your smart phone, tablet – anytime, anywhere
  • 1-way video – see your visitor on your mobile device before you answer the door
  • 2-way audio – built-in microphone and speaker allows you to talk to your visitor without going to the door
  • Motion sensor – alerts you when someone is waiting at your door, even if they did not ring the bell
  • Video monitoring – remotely turn on your video camera to view your entry way at any time using your smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Photo snapshot – take a photo on your smart phone of your visitor without them knowing
  • Night vision – lets you see who is at the door at night up to 6 ft. away
  • Silent mode – remotely turn off the indoor chime so SkyBell only rings to your smart phone – great for when someone is sleeping
  • Multiple users – set up SkyBell for intended family members or others so they can be alerted on their own smart phone when someone rings the bell
  • Weather resistant – designed for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions
  • Smart phone friendly – set-up and manage SkyBell completely from your smart phone or tablet
  • Ideal replacement for your wired doorbell – install it yourself or we can help find an installer


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