Delphi Connect


Product description

Remotely control, monitor, and track your vehicle in real-time using your smartphone or computer, laptop, or tablet. Connect up to five different devices through your car’s mobile hotspot to create a mobile office, data streaming service, or GPS system on the road. Enjoy GPS vehicle tracking, ‘Find My Car’ functionality, remote starting, locking and unlocking, drive habit notifications and alerts, Geo-Fencing and vehicle diagnostic information.


Product not available at Tahlequah location.


​​Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile HotSpot operates over your carrier’s 4G LTE Wireless network to provide Internet access on the go, vehicle diagnostic information, live tracking, and peace of mind.

The Delphi Connect module is easy to integrate on a number of vehicles. Whether it’s a delivery van or family car, just plug the system directly into your OBD-II connector port for seamless, constant connectivity both inside and outside the vehicle.


At a Glance

Easy Installation

Connects to vehicle’s OBD II connector port.

OBD-II Vehicle Connector

Powerful vehicle interface for vehicle diagnostic information.

gpsOne Gen8A w/ GNSS

Fast navigational positioning and accurate vehicle locating.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking of vehicle on map with 5-second updates.

Smartphone App & Website

UI brings the power of car-to-cloud connectivity for remote access to features and services using your smartphone or computer.

Key Fob*

Up to two key fobs can be programmed to use your smartphone or browser as a key. It’s like having a second set of keys with you all the time.

Trip Logs

Automatic trip logs to help with reporting, like expense reports.

Intuitive Bluetooth®

Bluetooth® automatically engages for a faster response time when you use your smartphone instead of your key fob within 30-feet of your vehicle.


Data remains secure and encrypted over the Verizon Wireless network.

3 Axis Accelerometer

Motion-detection and generation of driver behavior data and features.

Wi-Fi Hotspot (on 4G unit only)

In-vehicle 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity for use with wireless devices.


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