Blast Motion Golf Replay


Product description

Experience the Blast difference.

  • Motion sensor is always on and ready to capture metrics for instant review or storage on the sensor the when mobile device is out of range
  • Actions are used to dynamically clip video and automatically create a series of video highlights
  • High-frame rate video capture dynamically slows down and speeds up video playback based on your actions
  • Metrics dynamically build during action playback and can be displayed, suppressed, or shared socially


Capture, Analyze, and Improve Your Game

Trusted by over 100 top players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours, Blast Golf Replay is helping the best players in the world improve their timing and lower their scores. The Blast solution was designed by golf professionals for golfers of all abilities. It focuses on full-swing and putting stroke performance, giving you comprehensive metrics for your putters, drivers, irons and wedges.


Supported Activities: Putting (iOS/Android) & Full Swing (iOS/Android-see supported clubs)

Supported Clubs: Putters (iOS/Android), Drivers (iOS/Android), Irons (iOS), Wedges (iOS)

Smart Video Capture: Yes (iOS/Android)

Adaptive Slow-mo Technology: Yes (iOS)

Automatic Video Curation: Yes (iOS/Android)

Performance Metric Overlay: Yes (iOS/Android)

Smart Notifications – Voice Announcements: Yes (iOS)

Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) Connectivity: Yes (iOS/Android)

Share Highlights and Progress: Yes (iOS/Android)

Putting Metrics Captured (iOS/Android): Back Stroke Time, Forward Stroke Time, Total Stroke Time, Tempo, Loft, Lie, Back Stroke Rotation, Forward Stroke Rotation, Rotation Change

Full Swing Metrics Captured (iOS/Android-see supported clubs): Backswing Time, Downswing Time, Total Swing Time, Swing Tempo, Swing Speed, Blast Factor, Power Index, Efficiency Index, Velocity Direction, Energy Transfer

Attachment Locations:Top of Putter & Driver Grip

Sensor Weight: 0.3 oz

Mobile Operating System: iOS 8.x, iOS 9.x, Android OS 5.x (lollipop)

Apple Compatible Devices: iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, iPad 3, iPad 4, Air, Air 2

Google Andriod Compatible Devices: Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Active, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active and Note 5, LG G3, Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen.)

Languages Currently Supported: English

Measurement Units Supported: Imperial


Package Includes

Precision Swing Motion Sensor
Blast Motion Sensor
Standard Grip Attachment
Standard Grip Attachment
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
Oversized Putter Attachment
Oversized Putter Attachment


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